About Me

Call me " Crazy Lady".., yes I mean it :) !!  Crazy lady with a pen and Paintbrush let's say !! Does that sound better ???

Born to question every "norm" of life ... Born with a big "WHY, can we not do it differently, How our heart tells us , not what others tell us " ???

Crazy enough to love to plan things in life but giving surprises !! my school friends will vouch , I have been unpredictable since that very long !!
Wanted to be a scientist when studying, ended up in IT job , did well till one day I decided to Quit it all just for "painting " .. Became and artist( or let's say still struggling to be one)  ..
 Used to write sometime .. Now I plan to do do more .. Jobless , family life questionable ;) (sometimes life also gave me surprises) ...clueless but crazy still to want to sit and Paint and Write !! Yes that's what I want to do !!!

My presence on "world wide web " :

Visual art (painting and more):

YouTube art tutorials :

Art shop:

More to come .... !!

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