Friday, June 28, 2013

Some Introductions First !!!

Now that you have read how my diary started (if you are new on this page , do read the first page , believe me you would not want to miss any part this scoop) !!!

And now that may be you are little more interested to peek in my diary... (we all like to peek in other peoples life ;) ...)  NO No  don't worry , it's perfectly fine with me !! I am here to share :) ..

And may be by this time thinking " what  EXactly did she write , in her diary .. Hope the diary is as interesting as the Preface and worth my time .. " , let's get introduced first to my little ones .... I love them still !!

Ira and Rudra .. 
....Yes they are the ones , I write this diary !!...

Ira is my Daughter and Rudra is my son .

Behold that thought l... "IS ...  What is she talking about she said she don't have kids?" 
OK let's go back a bit , the diary started with purpose of "believing they already exist " . Isn't it??? So hold that vision while you read my blogs here:) .

So yes 'Ira' and 'Rudra'  exist , may be in a different realm with their Heavenly Father , and may be he is too fond of them to let them come to this world (.. You wait MISTER .. You are selfish !!) 

I received the Rudra's name in my meditation very long ago even before we planned to have kids ... I am a ardent follower of Shiva .. And Rudra is his another name depicting his fierce side ... But somehow for me .. This name is the symbol "release of a tremendous energy of universe , it's creativity , it's ecstasy of being " ... And yes so it is ... 

My husband is so fond of baby girls that he always wanted a girl .. And I wondered what we will name her... Rhyming with his surname Goel we laughed one day " Koel  Goel".. (Koel mean Cuckoo  , a melodious singing bird ) .
But it didn't feel right still ...

 Many days past and having Rudra as one child with high male energy , it had to be some some goddess of equal power to bring the balance.. Shiva and Shakti (Durga) .. the harmonious balance of male and female .. But since Durga is Shiva's wife it didn't fit either . 

More days past and I would sit in meditation and this thought would surface.. When someone once said , Rudra is 'Fierce and anger , my thoughts again went about balance... And a name Emerged "Ira" (another name for Goddess of Knowledge , calm and pure and gifted) ... 

So yes that's how they received their names ... Once we had these names arriving in our life it was matter of they manifesting in reality and we believed it . 
We would joke about how we are going to divide our property among them and who will get what among Ira and Rudra ..
(and there is that selfish HIM not sharing our own kids with us , just bcoz HE loves them more ... Boohooo to u MISTER ) !! 

One night I and my husband were lying down and I asked him " why don't you share with me how you see our future as in 20 years from now " .. As he spoke, I almost visualized it ... And met them both all grown up !! 
Oh wait ... That's the first entry in my Diary .. Will be back soon ...

But before I go .. Time to give a shout ..

. " Hey MISTER .. Just wait ... I am going to expose you , big time ... You conned us With your false stories and promises ...  You just wait ... You are in deep trouble you BIG Guy in Heaven ... the crazy lady is out with her pen , writing it all to the world and exposing you !! ... Do check out before you take that BIG Laugh  on this , if there are Cameras already planted in your Heaven for the Sting Operation. Media does get in action real fast these days , with the slightest lead . And believe me this will the "BIg breaking news " of YOUR lifetime , if it's on camera " 

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  1. umeed per tho duniya kaayam hain! well done Noopur, it will be an experience of another level in reality when Rudra and Ira come into the world best part is you can compare these notes and have a fun time with them as well as the mister :)