Saturday, June 29, 2013

Preface: How it all started ;) ... For those whispering or wondering on title " she doesn't have kids" !!! i

Welcome Readers , in sharing our Story of love , hope and many other emotions , this is a story which unfolds with each page. It's a story written from our hearts and is intended to touch yours ...  It took us courage to bring it to you all , and hope you stay with us through this journey. This story is meant to share and spread strength ... Since its a story , it is meant to be like chapters of the a book in a sequence (I have tried my best to arrange posts ) , so please start from this page and use side bar links for easy navigation to next chapter. 
Join us in this journey ... Let's Sail !! 

We have been married for 10 years now..Sometimes labelled as DINKS (double income no kids) ..believe me I have left my job and even being single income has not helped us !!! I really don't understand that slang , now !!! 

 It's been a struggle in our life to try to conceive .. It's been an extremely emotional journey for both of us ..  When doctors told Us We have no medical condition which can be of  concern and should definitely get pregnant someday... I always wondered why it would not happen still (inspite of all effort , prayer and technology !! ).... !! Ether we are Aliens to be able to study our bodies , or the doctors in those three different continents went to exactly same school !!!

 A friend said "feel as if it's already happened".. I and my friend had been so inspired by the book "The Secret" And Deepak Chopra's books... !!stumbled on a a book by Mallika Chopra( who happens to be Deepak Chopra's Daughter) " 100 promises to my Baby" and bought it to read and thoughts came pouring .   

 And that's when this diary began , I wrote when I felt there is "something today I would have told my kids " if they were there ...  A journey began .. 

Locked up in my diary have been so many emotions ... I Believed it will happen ... And I sure did believe. Today , I still have that diary .. And sometimes I do wish to write in there .. But today, I have lost faith in my own belief ... And had hid it deep under some layers , assuming I am going with the flow and moving ahead with my life ..

It was denial , I was living in as I realized in a Reiki workshop I did recently .As we did our practice of Hands-on reiki it's was my turn to be Guinea pig .. And I cried and cried (half hour) as that Reiki energy opened all the layers one by one ...that experience was known only to my two fellow-students alone .. (Thank you David and Holly !!! Love you Guys .. You are awesome with healing.. And in your own words , "you really did a freaking good job , you made me cry" .)

 Today ..I make a choice to release it To the universe .. In an attempt to rewrite (from my diary to here ) them and send them out ... To all the parents and future parents out there ... And even to that BIG Guy who is "Our Father in Heaven"  !!! 

May be it will inspire HIM to start a new BLOG to HIS Childern... His teachings really need an upgrade .. And they have been passed verbally so long ago , "Chineese Whisper" Didn't he know !!! We have Internet now .. Why not use it BIG GUY and tell us what you think today !!! start a BLOG !!! 

 Today , i an no longer in denial that its something I hoped . 

Standing at a juncture of life where i have really very little left to loose ..." I really surrender to divine will . " And I DON'T like this Divine Will" .. 

Do you hear that "BIG Guy" sitting up there .. It's easy for you to not feel it bcoz YOU have Trillions of Children .. 

All I asked was 2 or may be 1( and they would still add to your count) ... What is YOUR problem then ??????...  "I will follow YOUR plan! If that's what you want " .. But it doesn't mean "I am not going to shout back at YOU , everyday ... Do you hear it !!! " never mind , it's me paying for that LONG distance call !!! 


  1. awww very touchy noopur, god bless u with all its beautiful gifts u desire:) love ira and rudra already its attracts me as its straight from the heart n is more is spirit than gyaan !! cheers

  2. This is really heart touching my dear... u brought tears in my eyes. You are a wonderful person and a creator.. and I am sure, will have a wonderful life ahead.

    1. Thats beautifully it so far. It will be a beautiful day we meet these 2 little angels <3