Friday, June 7, 2013

Final note from the Authors !!!

Dear readers , 

Today , We have completed the last chapter of this blog , and we do not know if we would have more to write or share soon. 

But having released it , it does feel lighter .

Many prayers have come through since we started the blog and they are much needed and we are so grateful !!

 While it's me who is writing this story , it's a story of a family ..Ira , Rudra and their Mommy (me) and Daddy (kapil) !!

. It's no more a story of struggling with " unexplained fertility" and trying to have babies.It's story of relationship a family shares , the bond between them . It's a story of struggle within self and our beliefs, faith and hopes. So when you pray please pray for the " Complete family, for that bond and for their hopes and faith" 

BeforeWe Sign-out from this blog (till we find new entries in our diary to bring to you ) , please remember 

" Love, Faith and Hope - No matter how much you try , these three never die and are not meant to die .. whatever happens , they just keep coming back in your life.

Sometimes , they do need prayers  to come back !!! "

It was after overcoming a "great emotional barrier" we could bring this to you all , but having released it , it does feel lighter .

For me personally , it's a complete silence inside ... Which is kind of weird but still good .
These words came to me sometime back .. I fought with them .. Today the silence in me , tell me , I may be coming at peace with them..
"When we struggle trying to control all the events in our life we leave no room for peace to come to us. When you direct your thoughts and energy to all you think you want and need you leave no room for a better way to come forward. Look for blessings in disguise and for "happy accidents" or new opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible.

Learn to not be overemotional, but look for the silver lining in the cloud. This is how you make peace with all aspects of your life. You have a choice as to how you respond to events in your life, you can be empowered and manage them through decisive action. We never have to be the victim of our circumstances, we always choose how we react to outside events."
(P.S. : these are not my words , but they were given to me for my knowledge , and while I don't want to get in IP issues ;) , I still want to share here .. As part of this story, don't know the exact source) .

Thank you for accompanying us in this journey, we have a halt and we must make that , before  we know where next to sail !!! 

Thank you
Mommy , Daddy , Ira and Rudra

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