Thursday, June 27, 2013

Purpose of this Blog: Feel the strength ...

Ok .. Time to put a disclaimer ...Or rather Purpose /Vision /Mission ( I should have done it earlier , didn't they teach to start everything first with them !!! I need to go back to College !!! ) 

With all my blogs and post , some people are getting idea that I am having an emotional time or something.

Guys ( and Gals) ...We had those emotions all these years .... They were locked up in that diary ... one is emotional when u hold on to that emotions ... 
(Just like you are a Millionaire when you "have" Millions , not after you have "shared them all with the world"  : D !! ) 
So yes we were "extremely emotional" , all these years  .... And It's time to release them !!! 
" The purpose " here is to share our Story and Strength with you all !! 

And I know not only us , many will benefit with this "Release" ...bcoz it's always good to know "I am not the only one" , and ther are many with their emotions hidden ...So all we want to share is "Strength" .... !! and all we expect is You to feel that Strength , be grateful and share your prayers !! (Lets call this "Vision & Mission") 

There is little smoke when there is fire "burning ", but lot more smoke is released after fire has calmed !!! It's a natures way of releasing ... And we are just doing the same --- Calming the Fire !!! 

Today we look back and reflect on them , but we are not merely emotional , but we are Lot stronger to be able to Share them !!!
It took lot of Courage to pen the emotions in my diary , when i did it few years back.
And it has taken more courage to release them out of diary for the world to Read !! 

Dont you feel lit lighter when you have "said" it ??? it takes strength to stay put , but takes much more strength to SHARE it !!!
So ! I invite you to Share our Vision and Mission as  you read my blogs --enjoy them , feel them , share our Strength , pray for us , and be grateful Always (in-spite of my Fight with HIM , I say this :) ... SHHH .. Don't tell HIM ) !!! 
On a lighter Note  ... And may b yes .., share your feedback about my writing  .. Lol .... Who doesn't want to listen good about themselves  ...

I am feeling extremely lighter,... Rather we both are feeling lighter as we both are releasing it now ... There are some difficult ones to share , but I will .. We got to release this NOW !!! 
And TELL that BIG GUY what I think !!! he better start listening now !!!  , bcoz I ain't going to stop shouting at him now till I have released it all !!

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  1. Hi Noopur
    I have seen you in Infy but never got the chance to interact with you much earlier. Had stumbled across your NabloomSCreations by accident and was very impressed with your paintings.
    My respect towards you have increased so much after reading your blog. Its a very touching blog and you have conveyed your thoughts and feelings in such a frank manner.
    I am sure HE has to give in to your justified demands. Lots of baby dust your way...