Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diary Entry 2 : 7-Oct-2010


Dear Rudra and Ira ,
I am Eagerly waiting for your arrival in our life . You mean a lot to us and our life. We want to hold you and touch you and play with you . We want to play silly games with you and make silly noises with you.
I have my own anxieties about your well being , growth and so much . 
But from now I will put them all aside and visualize we three playing in park and Kapil watching us lovingly . I am waiting for you both.
Hey you Big GUY out there , we still have that little hope left ... For some reason I don't want to shout out as I write this one!! But it's an exception , so don't get Happy yet !!! 
OR may be it's bcoz Ira and Rudra sneaked from Your Heaven yesterday and came to sleep with us and be in our dreams !!! 
OH yeah MISTER .. You do have a lousy security up there !!! Your  heaven sure do need lots of Upgrade !!...

Notes for readers:
This is a note when we were waiting For results of our 2nd IVF.

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