Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diary entry 1 : 7-Sep-2010


Dear Ira ,

Yesterday your Daddy was telling, how he wants his life to be , what he wishes , and as he talked About you , I could see you and Rudra as grown up adults !!
You are a free bird , an artist perhaps ... I can also see you as a child , around 3-4 years old , smiling and a a little naughty :) ..

You have a beautiful smile and you always make me smile :) ...

Today during my Yoga relaxation , I saw you again , and I smiled all through my session.
Today when I slept , I felt you are sleeping between us and as if I could touch your cheeks ...

I saw your paintings , some beautiful flowers . I wish I could EVER paint like that , but I am too bad with the brush strokes !!"Auspicious creatures" , I think I heard that name perhaps as your theme of painting. 

I don't know where you are but I can feel you are right beside me .I can feel your touch , I see you smile and I smile back :).

For days I was not sure if it's going to be you or you or Rudra first . But now I can see you coming in my arms soon . 

Rudra will follow you very soon , I know !! 

I saw Rudra also, a well , a well dressed smart boy , more mature than his age , following his father.
You both are strikingly different personalities , and we love you both !!

During my Yoga session I felt you and Rudra wanted to send few gifts few of your friends here , after the Pooja at our place on 12th Sep.
I will buy cloths for Adi and Aanya on you behalf .
Waiting to hold you in my arms soon.
-Your Mommy


Hey you BIG guy in Heaven ... You made a mistake , when you sent Ira and Rudra this day to make their presence felt .... We cannot come there to meet them , but your Angels do have a way to escape to earth .. So You better tighten up your Security , as Ira for sure is Naughty , I saw that day , how she sneaked from back door of our house , that's when I saw her , and I knew right then How Free spirited she is !!! 

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  1. Someone told me both angels sneaked out today to be with us in our dreams ... Time to sleep early today !!! have small a reunion :)