Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dairy entry 8 : 25-April-2011


Dear Ira and Rudra,
You know today I got so many wishes from my friends that " I will meet you soon".
I am so grateful to them and God today. My Heart is filled with grateful less towards them , my Lips can't stop saying " Thank you" and my Eyes are filled with tears of happiness. 

You know , my friend Prateek told me Rudraksh will suit you more. and I sometimes had this feeling that 'Rudra' as name felt incomplete or something missing , whenever I told anyone . And strangely Prateek wrote " see if you can extend the name ... 'Rudraksh'  will suit him more . And I felt yes it's complete now !!

It's just such a wonderful day today . I will never forget this day.


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