Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dairy entry 7: 24-April-2011

Dear Ira and Rudra,
One more important life lesson I want both of you to understand and adopt is to take your own decisions and take responsibility of your actions, and your successes and failure equally.

It's very easy to blame other or to find excuses for things not going right for you , but it's very miserable and powerless situation to be in. It's a trap to blame your failure on things/situations/ people and live in a life full of self pity.

I want you to take control and command of your life. be bold to take decisions , love your success and accept your failures with same humbleness. You should not only be proud to tell your success stories but should be able to equally be proud of your learnings from your failures !!!

I want you to balance the influence of others in your life . Their presence should give you strength and learning and not make you indecisive. And similarly you should not let them pity you or out you down on your failures. YOU should take and accept both your success and failure equally.

This doesn't mean being being harsh , indifferent or pretending to be strong. ou need to accept as you are , with your strength and weaknesses and be comfortable with your success and failures Equally !!! 

Love you 

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