Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dairy entry 5: 3-Mar-2011


Dear Ira and Rudra,
You know one of the things which brought your dad and me closer was a common interest in books and music. 

I love to buy , collect and read books. Your dad also loves reading very much, just that he doesn't get much free time these days to read. 

I want both of you also to have reading as a hobby and habit. 

It's the best talk you can have with a person -the author and it's so silent but lot is exchanged. And it is the best form to connect with self . The books compel you to think and explore within. Just need to choose and pick a "good book".

Another thing I want you both of to have is love of Music. Nothing brings joy, calmness , Energy or love like Music does !!!
You can actually "choose" your mood , by picking the right Music , isn't that great !!! 
Just need to say , right now I want to be "happy" , " relaxed" , "  philosophical" , " groovy" ... And just pick the right Cd and play !!! what a wonderful magic want it is - to give you control of your mood and life in the moment !!

When you are here with us , I will pass on my favorites to you. We will share my pick of CDs and Books and you will have more to choose and share with us !!

Waiting for you 

Your Mom

P.S. : Today is surprisingly not the 7th of the month , but I felt like writing to you :) .

Hey Big Guy , tell me what do we do with all the books and CDs we have collected and wanted to pass on to Ira and Rudra ... Our house is so Full ... There are cloths I collected for Ira and tiny colorful blankets too ! ! a painting which their daddy made for Ira to say "love unborn" .. Yes he did paint, a potrait of Ira , the best he could ;) ... Can you believe that !!! 
they still fill a drawer.. hidden from all , just like this diary was !! 
You send someone to pick it for them or send both angels  to us so that we can share them with them :( .... 

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