Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dairy Entry 4 : 7-Feb-2011

Dear Ira,
Your dad is away today on another office trip. I am listening to music-the Hindi  Pop &Bollywood on Funasia Radio. As I closed my eyes and listened to this Punjabi song , I could both of us in a Lohri celebration in some place in Punjab . You are dancing dancing with beats of Bhangra , dressed in a beautiful Punjabi dress- colorful kurti and Patiala. It was a lovely sight !!

When you are 18 or 20 years of age , we will go to Punjab for Lohri and Calcutta for Durga Puja . We will dance together in the celebration in the traditional dresses. 

I know I will be 50+ by then :D , but I know from my heart that I will still be carefree girl like you !!

It's such a good feeling been to imaging these thoughts. I know I will share a friend like relationship with you.

Together we will do all the girl stuff- shopping, parlor, dancing and parties.
With that picture in my eyes , I am eagerly waiting for you to come in my life and in our arms.


P.S. : looks like your dreams strike my mind on 7th !!! Earlier note was 7-Sep, and 7-Oct and again it's 7-Feb !!!

Hey BIG GUY , nothing to say to you in this post .. We are talking of Girl stuff here , you wouldn't get it !! so keep out of it !! 

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