Monday, June 24, 2013

Dairy Entry 3: not dated

Dear Ira and Rudra,

This is something I had scribbled sometime back ... And I am writing it in this diary today.

As a parent I know I will be very tempted to teach you what I have learnt from my experiences . But I want and will consciously let you both live your own experiences and develop a learning and understanding of life . I will share my experiences of past with you and at the same time will re-live them and new ones along with you , with a new perspective of you as a child.

I will not try not to over protect you or stop you from taking your own risks and experimenting life.

I will be like a good car instructor , not trying to manage the controls of your life , but will always be around to put an emergency Brake if you are in danger .

I will be a like an life jacket : not preventing you from swimming but to provide you enough bounce and support to never let you sink.

I will not prevent  you from jumping down from a high place, but will be like a cushion to hold you when you land and not let you get hurt. 

I will enjoy that first car drive of yours or your first swim and that jump from a high wall , and I will be proud and elated and will always be there to protect you in time of need !!

I want you to take your own risks and decisions but remember I will always be there by your side -watching and enjoying and protecting you - only in as cushion as your life - as an airbag of car which deploys in danger.

Love Mommy
MISTER you must be all smiling reading this and saying. "See this is exactly what I am doing for you - letting you take your own risks and letting you learn life " ... 

BUT are you forgetting to it does mention being a cushion also , and not letting you get hurt or put Emergency brakes !!! it's time to be that Cushion , that life Jacket and that Emergency brake .. It's time now , right now and you know that !!!

And I wonder why this note was something a scribbling on a paper and then landed up in this diary with no date ?? YOU are clever BIG guy .. You knew this day will come and you planned it all along and planted this evidence in this Diary to protect youself !!

No we are still not done !!! 

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