Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dairy Entry 12 : 18-Oct-2012

Dear Ira and Rudra,

This diary does not end here , it begins again :) . 

Here is something I want both of you to protect and hold in you - your " inner child " when it comes to love and faith.

" Always love unconditionally like a child"  , no matter how old you grow . 
And " always have faith in GOD , believe in fairies and angels" , like how a child does.

Believe it or not , I am 36 years old and I still believe in all Fairies and Fairy tales, and that keeps my faith in God stronger .

Your father also has this innocent child in him , who I just love from bottom of my heart , because that child is what is unconditional love.

Keep that inner child ALive always  !! 


Dear BIG guy , you know why I write to you , because I still believe in you.
 I always had , and that's why we fight ;) , and that's why I get angry on you. 

Like many children , I will never understand why parents want us to do certain things , I will not , I am not wise enough !!! 
And like many children I will be grumpy and will throw tantrums ... Inspite of what world thinks about that child " oh what Noisy one , what a difficult child"  , that child doesn't stop crying and throwing tantrums , because he is only waiting for its parents attention and for them respond to him , hold him , pamper him  and love him . 
That child may cry in public more , because he knows you will have to listen sooner if you don't want to be embarrassed more , the kids are really smart these days  !! So her BIG GUY .. Listen up ;) ...

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