Monday, June 17, 2013

Dairy entry 10 : 1-Jul-2011  (Daddy wrote this time)


Our Dearest Ira and Rudra,

Lots of hugs and kisses. We are very sorry that we left you little kids alone. But your Mommy and I felt very bad after we left you. We should have not done that. You are the reflection of our love and belonging to each other.
We are very glad you are back. Your Mommy and I cried badly that we let you go and are crying again as we receive you back . God has been very kind to us to unite us again as a family. We could not have lived without our cutest and loveliest darlings.

We love you both with all our hearts. We will always be there to guide and support you whenever you need us. We just need you in our arms very soon . And we wish to be very loving and caring parents , who will give the best environment to you both , an environment where you will grow everyday without any fears , without any tension . An environment of love and bliss in a happy family.

I see you both coming to us , with the ray of light coming from Sai baba and eternal God. And we receive you with joy in our hearts full of affection . Our happiness is boundless and I and your Mommy hug each other for the best creation that we have made together . 

I promise your Mommy to love her like never before, to control myself and ensure that I don't have an argument. I knows that both of you will not like your Mommy and I fighting and arguing before you. So I and your Mommy promise to never fight and always be loving to each other.

We love you both and we can't wait anymore to have you in person !!
Our arms are longing to hold you close to our hearts . Mommy and Daddy love you lots.

YourMommy was very sad that she left you alone. But she left you because she thought she will not be able to take care of you , when I and her are fighting . But we realised that we cannot live without you , we can't live without hope of you being next to us . And your Mommy and I dearly love each other- just so that sometimes we behave stupid. So we are not going to fight and argue and will love each other more and together wait for your home coming.

You continue to occupy a very important place in our life . You fill our hearts with joy and happiness as soon as we think of you.

Welcome back to our world and we will never miss you from our way from now-on.

I will be traveling on my sales trip but your Mommy will keep writing to you in the meanwhile.

Take care you kids 

Lots of love and blessings 
Daddy and Mommy

I had decide never to write the diary since my last entry .This time Kapil was our strength , and he wrote this entry to make me believe in them again .. 
We had hopes and belief ... We really did !! 

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