Friday, June 14, 2013

Dairy Entru 13: 5-June-2013


Dear Ira and Rudra,
Your Daddy  told me , you both sneaked upto him yesterday night and he slept holding you both in his arms over his chest. Looks like you had been reading my blog too ;) ... I am so happy !!!

I told him that will be the best day and moment of my life when I can click "that picture" with my Camera.. ( oh yeah , I still love photography , along with painting and writing ; just waiting for right moment to buy the DSLR).

Listen you kids, your Daddy always feels you love me more than him. But do you know what your Mommy loves? -- It's seeing you both loving your Daddy more than me . So just wanted to let you know if you really want to show your Mommy you love her and want to make her happy , Go play with your Daddy !!!
You mommy loves watching you 3 play , hug , tease and laugh . And may be your Mommy can take pictures of you all or may be someday paint !! 
She loves doing it when you three are together . She really feels blessed and happy !!

And now don't tell your Daddy I told you so !! Be nice ;) !!



I had not written in this dairy for long time , since that last entry ... After I started the blog , a new entry is made , this one !!! I am still not sure when will be the next entry , but can't say I will not do it , inspite of whatever BIG guy has planned for this family !! 

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